chihuahua in basketWelcome to my site reviewing bicycle dog and child baskets, trailers and strollers.

Do you love going for bike rides, but don’t like having to leave your little dog behind?  Do you have an older dog who would love to be your companion on a bike ride, but can’t keep up?  Bicycle dog baskets and trailers are a great way to take your best friend along wherever you go.

Both you and your dog will be happy!  You get the exercise and your dog gets to keep you company, which is all she really wants anyway.

There are 3 basic types of bicycle transportation for your furry friend:


1. the front end basket for the smallest dogs
2. rear baskets to hold slightly larger dogs
3. trailers pulled behind the bike for dogs that are too big for either the front or rear carriers

Front end bicycle dog baskets

This basket, as I mentioned, is for small dogs up to about 15 pounds.  It attaches to the handlebars so any heavier dog might throw you off balance while riding.  In fact, many people have stated that even a dog over 10 lbs can be awkward on the front handlebars. So you might want to take that into consideration before buying one.

Almost all of the bicycle dog baskets on the market contain multiple pockets for snacks, a water bottle, cell phone, keys or  whatever.  You can go on an all day excursion and be well prepared for both you and your dog.  Just remember to give your dog potty breaks and drinks of water.

You will probably want to put a harness on your dog for added security but these bicycle dog baskets do come with safety attachments to keep your dog from falling or jumping out.

Most of these front end baskets are easy to install and easy to remove, although with extra thick handlebars it may be a little more difficult to attach some.  The baskets are also convenient for carrying a few groceries if you leave your little buddy home.

Rear Bicycle Basket

For slightly heavier dogs, the rear bicycle basket is a little sturdier.  Obviously, the center of gravity is more around the seat of the bicycle, so with a dog just behind the seat, it balances it out and you’re not going to be “front heavy” as you might with a front positioned basket.

It definitely takes a little getting used to because it’s big, can be a bit awkward, and it does stick out on all sides.  And of course you would want to be sure your dog is harnessed into the seat.  Some dogs are so prey driven, that if they see a squirrel or some other critter that sparks their chase mode, they’re going to be off that bike and onto the chase.  Having them harnessed in will at least slow them down enough that you’ll feel the movement and be able to stop, readjust or whatever needs to be done to be sure your dog stays in the seat and you both stay safe.

Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle pet trailers are great for both heavier dogs and children.  Again, it’s added weight you have to get used to pulling and it might take a little practice to learn how to maneuver bike and trailer around, but on a nice day, what could be better than taking your senior dog or your young child out for a ride to the park?

This kind of carrier will take some dogs a little while to adjust because of the movement.  It isn’t right for every dog and it just depends on how your dog does with this kind of arrangement.  There are, of course, clips in most of these types of trailers so you can securely tie your dog inside.

The best way to get your dog adjusted to any new carrier is to set it on the floor of your home and let him get used to it.  Put treats in it, let him snuggle up in the soft bedding, carry him around in the basket for awhile.  By the time you attach it to your bike and put him in it, he’ll be ready for adventure!

So, whether you want to get some attention and comments from your neighbors or you just want to head for the hills on your bike, I highly recommend you check out this mode of transportation for your dog to accompany you. I will be reviewing a few models of bicycle dog baskets and trailers on the following pages.

Don’t leave your best friend behind.

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